Fickle, Shifty Day One In Sydney

December 12, 2014
Sydney, Australia,

The boys got sailing today and managed to crank out 10 races in very tricky and shifty conditions. They sailed extremely well and are sitting in third place on the leaderboard, only 5 points out of first. The Wave, Muscat is on top with RealTeam in second, four points ahead.

Anna Tunnicliffe/Alinghi

Alinghi flying a hul in the shadow of the bridge (Photo: © Lloyd Images 2014)

When we were first told to launch and head out, it seemed a little dicy as the wind down where the boats were docked was blowing a good 20+kts. But as we headed up the harbor to the racing area, the wind settled down to a manageable strength but there were still some big puffs rolling through.

The wind direction was SE, so just to the right of the city as we looked at it from the water. The wind was dropping off the big park and wrapping around the point. With the windward marks right off the point, it made every leg insanely tricky and forced the tacticians to be on their A-game all day! For the first time all year, there were major gains and losses around the track which made the racing even more exciting to watch.

We didn't have the best of starts today, but were able to call the first downwind leg correctly most of the time and gain a few boats. And if we got that wrong, we got the next leg very right and climbed back up. You could never settle down into a pattern.

The boys nailed the start in race 4 and led at the first mark and then just extended their lead by a huge amount all around the race course. The first race was a perfect example of how it could be all over the place. We started last and were around the top mark with no one behind us. We sailed an excellent next lap of the course and were top three by the second windward mark. Then, on the second upwind leg, we got caught outside of a shift and slid back down the fleet to 6th. It was ridiculous how fast it was happening. But the boys did damage control when they had to and made some amazing moves too to gain some valuable points.

Racing continues tomorrow. You can follow along with the racing live at the event website with text commentary and live video commentary.

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