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December 13, 2014
Sydney, Australia

Today was a bit of a snakes and ladders type of day. Although still very shifty and tricky, we managed to find the ladder most of the day, to climb our way up the overall leaderboard to the top spot by the end of racing. Behind us in second is RealTeam, with The Wave, Muscat sitting in third.

Anna Tunnicliffe/AlinghiTwo Swiss teams chasing each other towards the finish line (Photo: © Alinghi 2014)

The day started off fantastically. We didn't have a great start, but the boys played the shifts on the first beat perfectly to pull up to third at the top of the leg. Downwind they found just the right puff and passed one boat then another on the second upwind, then extended their lead from there to take the race win!

Next followed a string of results just outside the top 4 of a 6, 6, 7, 5 before finding our stride again and finishing the day with a 1, 3, 2. It was a great way to end the day with the team sailing well, starting well and finding their momentum again.

One of the most exciting moments of the day came in the seventh race. As everyone knows, there is a big battle for the series' overall title between us and The Wave, Muscat. Whenever each team has an opportunity to put boats and thus points, between them and the other team, the opportunity is never passed up.

In the seventh race of the day, the course had been reduced to a one-lap windward/leeward with a reach that was becoming more of a downwind leg to the finish. This meant that once the boats had rounded the windward mark for the second time, the passing lanes were virtually shut down. It was better, therefore, to be more towards the front of the fleet.

Both us and The Wave were approaching the top mark for a starboard rounding for the second time. We were on the starboard lay line (coming in from the right) and they were approaching on port (coming from the left). They were slightly advanced on us but not quite enough to get across in front of us. But they also couldn't get behind us. Because they were in this situation, they did the right thing and slowed a little. The thinking behind this was to try to get us more advanced so that they could either go behind or at least not be so affected by us coming at them.

As we reached them, we forced them into a tack. At this point they were already slower than they would have liked. We managed to make our tack a little slower too, so that as they matched our tack back, they lost even more speed. The idea behind Alinghi's move was that the rest of the fleet coming into the mark with speed would, now, be able to get between us and them to put extra points in there. It was a great manoeuvre that saw The Wave, Muscat drop from 4th to last place in the race as they crossed the line.

It sounds cruel but it's the nature of the game. Teams battling for positions know this play and execute it; just sometimes it works better than others.

Even though we are back on top of the leaderboard, the regatta is far from over. We have one more day of racing, in forecasted slightly lighter conditions. By the end of tomorrow, both the Act winner and the Overall Series winner will be determined! The points are very close, and tomorrow's last race counts as a double points race.  It's still all to fight for!!

You can follow along live on the regatta website. The racing starts at 2pm local time!   (GMT+11)

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